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WP 2016-05
NOCLAR or How Accountants Deal with Suspected or Occurred Breaches of the Law
Eddy Wymeersch

This paper gives an overview of the new international standard for accountants in case an accountant comes across or is informed that breaches of laws and regulations have been committed in the company he is auditing, or in which he is professionally involved. The standard mainly belongs to the International Code of Ethics, but is also dealt with in the Internati ...

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WP 2016-04
European Financial Regulation: how to make it workable
Eddy Wymeersch

Everyone working in the field of financial regulation - but in other fields as well - is struck by the great number of documents that are being proposed or adopted in this field by the international institutions (FSB, BCBS, BIS, OECD, etc.), but even in greater quantity, by the European institutions. The present paper is aimed at exposing this problem and i ...

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WP 2016-03
Answering the Say for No Pay
Christoph Van der Elst

Say on pay is considered an important tool to mitigate inappropriate remuneration practices. Over the years, many countries provided shareholders with this say on pay-tool, although often the vote is exclusively of an advisory nature. We analyse the regulatory framework of say on pay in two of these countries, the UK and Belgium. We provide evidence on the evolut ...

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WP 2016-02
Empowering the Audit Committee and the Auditor in Related Party Transactions
Christoph Van der Elst

Currently, the European approach addressing related party transactions is exclusively relying on the disclosure and partial control of the transaction. Listed European corporations must provide in a (financial) summarized overview of these transactions that have taken place in the accounting period. The external auditor controls the transaction in so far it is fa ...

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