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WP 2019-07
Het lot van de bestaande CVBA na de inwerkingtreding van het WVV
Diederik Bruloot

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WP 2019-06
Recalibrating the Debate on MiFID s Private Enforceability: Why the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Is the Elephant in the Room
Evariest Callens

The genesis of MiFID I initiated a fierce scholarly debate on the following question: does MiFID dictate private enforceability of the rules embedded in the directive? More specifically, under general reference to the effet utile doctrine, certain authors have argued that MiFID requires member states to provide private law remedies for infringements of certain (i ...

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WP 2019-05
Financial regulation: its objectives and their implementation in the European Union
Eddy Wymeersch

The financial activity in all its diversity and complexity is subject to an elaborate system of regulation and supervision. It is one of the most heavily regulated industries in our economies, as it touches on so many interests, whether at the individual level, or as part of the functioning of our economic systems and more generally, in today%u2019s worldwide eco ...

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WP 2019-04
Shareholder Governance
Eddy Wymeersch

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Kristof Maresceau, Diederik Bruloot

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