Admission criteria and tuition fee

Students are eligible for admission if they fulfil the following admission criteria:

  • To have a law degree, i.e. the degree that in its country of origin makes one eligible to exercise the legal professions. Students in their final year of undergraduate studies may apply and may be conditionally admitted, subject to the successful completion of their degree.
  • Exceptionally, after an examination of their curricula and in view of their acquired competences, candidates who do not have a law degree may also be admitted. In such an event, the admission may be made subject to limitations with respect to the courses to be followed.
  • To present proof of sufficient English proficiency (Applicable only to all non-native English speakers. We require a minimum score of 560 for paper TOEFL, 95 for Internet based TOEFL or 7 for IELTS, or C1 score for ITACE (for Belgian applicants). However, there is a possibility to obtain an exemption for prospective candidates who have completed a study course of minimum one year (equal to 60 ECTS credits) at an English-speaking higher education institution (upon presentation of a respective document proving completion of such a programme).
  • To have sufficient financial support, as indicated in the application form, either through personal financial means or via financial aid. Please note that the tuition fee for the LLM programmes is expected to be 6540,10 Euro.
  • To apply for admission to the LLM programme, with the completed application form and all the required documents.
  • The documents which must accompany your application are: 

  1. A recent photograph.
  2. A complete curriculum vitae in English.
  3. A list (not copies!) of publications (if any). 
  4. A statement of purpose for following the programme. 
  5. A duly certified copy or translation of your basic law degree or equivalent university degree.
  6. An academic transcript containing a complete list of all courses followed and results obtained in law school. 
  7. A certificate delivered by the law school from which you graduated or of which you are presently a student stating that you are a native English speaker / that you have followed a study programme of 60 ECTS credits which has been taught in English, or a certificate of the TOEFL or IELTS test as indicated in the admission conditions. 
  8. Two letters of reference in English, preferably from members of the faculty of your law school.

Note: All documents should be accompanied by an official translation into English. Documents in French, Dutch or German do not need to be translated.