Career Services

The LLM programme does not structurally organise career services for LLM students wishing to pursue a career in Belgium or elsewhere subsequent to their graduation. However, LLM students are informed from time to time about various job/internship opportunities. They are also invited to the annual ‘Job Fair’ which is open to all the law students of the faculty and where various law firms and agencies gather for counselling, assistance and placements.

Foreign students seeking employment in Belgium should be aware that the language barrier may prove a difficult obstacle, as the knowledge of at least one of Belgium's main languages will be required even in an international (English speaking) professional environment. For that reason, you are advised to start following a part-time language course at the University Language Centre. (See the section on student facilities for more details).

The LLM programme does not organise on campus job interviews. However, we do a massive mailing to more than 150 law firms, EU institutions, organizations etc. across Europe whereby we send the brief CV and contact details of all LLM students interested in an internship opportunity. The students are contacted directly by the interested firms.

Should a law firm or institution be interested in offering internship and/or job opportunities to our students, please contact us with your details by sending an email to Ms. Svitlana Berezhna at

For general career information and career advice, LLM students can also freely consult Ghent University's Student Advisory Centre, located at Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33 - 9000 Ghent - tel. 09/331.00.31 - e.mail