Current students


Ufora is the name for the electronic learning environment (ELE) at UGent. The digital learning environment supports conventional class education and offers a whole range of possibilities for e-learning: learning activities by means of ICT tools.



UGent staff members and students can access, send, receive and manage e-mail from every computer connected to the Internet. To access your mailbox, use a browser and log in with your UGent login name and password.



Having an UGent account allows you to use a large number of programmes (for educational and research purposes and administrative tasks) offered on Athena. The software you can use is delivered from central servers and is not installed on your device.



Through the Oasis Web application as a student, you can view important information about your registration and your curriculum and also perform a number of tasks yourself: reenrolling, printing certificates, working on your curriculum, downloading exam results, submitting your thesis and so on.