Dare to Venture

Elective Courses
1 Insight in the key components of the business model concept.
2 To be able to collect relevant market/sector feedback on a business idea/concept.
3 Insight in the value to be offered to (specific) customers (segments).
4 Insight in the key activities that are necessary to create value and in the way participants are involved.
5 Insight in the cost structure implied by the key activities.
6 Insight in the revenue model, the facts and hypotheses underlying a realistic revenue forecast.
7 Insight in financing needs inherent to the choices made in the business model.
Professor: Verrue, Johan
The student learns to collect feedback on a business idea and to structure this feedback into a first draft of business model.
The student team starts from a business idea that will be confronted with the environment, e.g. distributors, potential customer groups and users, suppliers, designers, producers, regulation ... Based on the methodology and in consultation with the coach, the critical building blocks of the business model are mapped and linked.
• The feedback mechanism
• The business model concept
• The value proposition
• The customer segments
• The key activity system (content – structure – governance)
• The revenue model
• The cost structure
• The financing structure
Key words: 
Creativity, Market Research,Business model, Financial Planning