EU Enlargement and Proximity Relations


Provide an in-depth study of legal and political relations of the enlarged EU with its neighbours.


This course concentrates on one of the most important aspects of the current EU's political, institutional and legal agenda. It aims at providing an insight into the legal and political instruments of the EU's enlargement strategy and the effects of this strategy on its neighbours including the relations between the EU and EFTA countries, the European micro-states, the Western Balkans, Turkey, the countries of the former USSR and of the non-European Mediterranean and Middle East area. The relations between the EU on one hand and the new Member States and (remaining) applicant countries (Turkey, Western Balkans) on the other hand, will also be analysed together with the objectives and instruments of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Various guest lectures/seminars are organised and are an integral part of the course.

Key words: 
EU Enlargement, European Neigbourhood Policy, Relations EU-EFTA countries, EU-Western Balkans, EU-Turkey, EU-Russia, EU-Mediterranean and the Middle East area
Faculty members: