EU External Relations: Selected Topics


This course aims at developing a critical understanding of the external relations of the European Union. An in-depth analysis of the instruments and actors in the external relations of the European Union will be provided as well as an overview of the main EU external policies and strategies.

Classes are interactive. Students have to prepare readings in advance for class discussion and active participation.


Overview of selected EU external policies and strategies:

i) General Introduction and Transatlantic relations;

ii) EU and Latin America: Multilateral dimensions;

iii) EU and Latin America: Bilateral relations (Mexico and Chile);

iv) EU and Africa: From Yaoundé to Cotonou and the EPAs;

v) EU and Africa: Strategic Partnership, Continental approach and sub-regional approaches (Sahel, Horn of Africa);

vi) EU and Asia: The Multilateral dimension: EU-ASEAN and ASEM;

vii) EU and Asia: The Bilateral dimensions: China, India, Japan and South Korea;

viii) EU and Central Asia: The Multilateral and Bilateral dimensions;

ix) EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC);

x) EU and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and General conclusion.

Key words: 
EU external relations, EU network of external agreements
Faculty members: