Eva Lievens

Eva Lievens is a professor of Law and Technology at the Law Faculty of Ghent University. From 2003 until 2015, she was a member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT of KU Leuven. She holds a law degree from Ghent University (2002), a Master degree in Transnational Communications and Global Media from Goldsmiths College, London (2003) and a PhD in Law from KU Leuven (2009).

Her research focuses on legal challenges posed by new media and ICT phenomena, with a specific focus on fundamental and children’s rights, cybercrime, consumer protection and alternative regulatory instruments.  She has been a guest professor in the Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University where she teaches Media Law and Copyright Law since 2013, and at KU Leuven where she teaches Public Government and Cybercrime in the Master of Intellectual Property Rights and ICT Law.