We don’t like to brag in Belgium – it is not in our nature – but this university has a standard of education and research that is up there with the louder institutions. Ghent University is an internationally renowned academic institution: just check the numerous rankings for yourself.

Ghent University was founded as a French speaking State University in 1817 by William I, King of the Netherlands. Our official language for undergraduate and graduate teaching is now Dutch, but a great number of courses are offered in English. Ghent University harbours an impressive array of research centres and institutes in all disciplines, many of which enjoy a worldwide reputation.

The Ghent law School has a unique location in the historic centre of the city. It is the largest law school in Belgium. Many of its alumni play a prominent role within the legal system as politicians, government officials, judges, senior members of domestic and international law firms, and as law professors at other Belgian universities as well as abroad.