Where can I find more information on the university dorms and on the rooms available for the LLM programme?

Most of the information about the accommodation Ghent University can be found on the website of the housing department, found here: https://www.ugent.be/en/facilities/housing .
For further information about accommodation at Ghent University, please contact Mrs. Van Den Branden at the Housing Department at e-mail: Myriam.Vandenbranden@UGent.be.  

Some general information with regard to the university dorm for LLM students: 

  1. Rent for a room in the student dorms is around 420 EUR per month (or 390 EUR for 12-month contracts). All rooms are furnished (bed, table, chair, sheets and blankets included) and heated and have hot and cold running water and sanitary facilities (toilets and showers).
  2. Kitchens are shared. Telephone and internet connections are available in the building. 
  3. The dorms are about 20 minutes by foot (or 10 minutes by bike) away from the law faculty. There is also good public transportation available between the dorm and the university. 
  4. Parking lots are available nearby the dorms. For long-term free parking see: https://stad.gent/ghent-international/mobility-ghent/parking-ghent/park-and-rides