Gert Vermeulen

Lic. Iur., Aggr. Law, Ph. D. Law (on mutual assistance in criminal matters in the EU).

Professor of Criminal Law, Ghent University (teaching assignment: substantive criminal law, advanced study of international criminal law, European institutions of criminal policy, EU justice and home affairs, advanced study of European criminal policy, European and international bodies and organisations).

Head of Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Ghent University.

Director of Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP), Ghent University.

Extraordinary Professor, Maastricht University (teaching assignment: European Evidence Law).

Involvement in dozens of research projects, inter alia, in the field of (international and European) criminal law and policy, in particular: police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, organised crime, terrorism, drug policy, trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation of children, prostitution, witness protection, human rights, rights of the child, data protection, etc.

Research/consultancy/short-term expertise for the Council of Europe (Pompidou Group, Greco, Expert Group Sexual Exploitation Children, CARDS), for the European Commission (Phare/Tacis, Taiex, Stop, Falcone, Hippokrates, Daphne, Agis, Criminal Justice, Prevention of Crime), for the Belgian (2001), Dutch (2004), Austrian (2006), Slovenian (2008), Belgian (2010) en Polish (2011) Presidencies of the EU, and for the UN (expert group on THB, gobal report on organised crime, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of persons).