Ghent is arguably the most impressive and homogenous medieval city in Europe. Its medieval centre is one of the largest of its kind and testifies to the historic importance of Ghent as a trading and port city. Ghent can vie with any contender for the title of "Venice of the North", but its charm goes well beyond its heyday as the second largest city (after Paris) north of the Alps. Ghent has remained a thriving commercial city as well as a political centre. It has an impressive industrial heritage from the 19th and early 20th centuries, when Ghent hosted the 1913 world expo. Above all, Ghent has always combined respect for its past with an embracing attitude to the present. The city refuses to be an open air museum full of classified buildings: Ghent is and will continue to be a lively community that places the well-being of its inhabitants front and centre.



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