International and Human Rights Law Specialization

The LLM in International and Human Rights Law is an exciting new programme tailored to students who seek to specialize in the field of public international and human rights law.

The catalogue of courses encompasses traditional subdomains of public international law as well as courses on European and American human rights law. In addition, it includes multiple courses focussed on environmental protection and sustainable development, alongside courses adopting a distinct multidisciplinary orientation. This specialization also offers a chance to participate in a variety of moot courts and legal clinics as an official part of the curriculum.

As the birthplace of the prestigious Institut de Droit International (°1873), Ghent is the perfect place for a deep dive into the world of international law (in the broadest sense), a domain of ever-growing reach and importance. This LLM specialization builds in particular on the broad expertise within the Ghent Rolin-Jacquemyns International Law Institute (GRILI) as well as the renowned Human Rights Centre (HRC).

The LLM in International and Human Rights Law offers students an advanced degree with significant added value for those aspiring a career in legal practice, in civil service at the national, regional or international level, or in the NGO sector, as well as for those interested in pursuing further academic research.


General Courses (10 Credits)

  1. The EU and the US Constitutional Orders Compared (4 Credits) 
    Stanislas Adam
  2. LLM Lecture Series (3 Credits)
    Inge Govaere
  3. Seminar: Foreign Chair (3 Credits)
    Inge Govaere                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Courses related to the main subject (12 Credits)

  1. International Law and Sustainable Development (6 Credits)
    An Cliquet
  2. Advanced Course on Human Rights  (6 Credits)
    Eva Brems 


Elective Courses (23 Credits)

Students may subscribe to 23 credit units from no less than 1 and no more than 2 modules from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.


Bound Core Elective Courses 

Students may subscribe to no less than 6 credit units from the following list. 

  1. International and European Environmental Law (6 Credits)
    An Cliquet
  2. Selected Issues: European and International Migration Law and Policy (6 Credits)
    Ellen Desmet 
  3. Laws of Armed Conflict (4 Credits)
    Tom Ruys
  4. The European Convention on Human Rights: Theory and Practice (4 Credits)
    Eva Brems 
  5. Critical perspectives on human rights (4 Credits)
    Marie-Bénédicte Dembour 


Other Elective Courses 

Students may subscribe to no more than 17 credit units from the following list. 

  1. Human Rights in Developing Countries (5 Credits)
    Yves Haeck  
  2. Human Rights in the Americas (4 Credits)
    Clara Burbano Herrera
  3. Human Rights: Multi-disciplinary perspectives (5 Credits)
    Eva Brems 
  4. Transitional Justice and Human Rights (4 Credits)
    Tine Destrooper
  5. International Economic Law (4 Credits)
    Diederik Bruloot
  6. Law of the Sea (4 Credits)
     Klaas Willaert
  7. Air and Space Law (4 Credits)
    Frank Maes
  8. Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in International Law (4 Credits)
    Tom Ruys
  9. International and European Biodiversity Law (4 Credits)
    An Cliquet
  10. European Media Law (4 Credits)
    Eva Lievens
  11. European Law and ICT (4 Credits)
    Eva Lievens
  12. Advanced cybercrime, technology and surveillance (6 Credits)
    Eva Lievens
  13. European Criminal Policy (6 Credits)
    Gert Vermeulen
  14. EU Trade Policy (4 Credits)
    Guillaume Van der Loo 
  15. International Business Transactions (4 Credits)
    Inge Govaere
  16. International Commercial Arbitration (4 Credits)
    Maud Piers
  17. Moot Court: Public International Law (12 Credits)
    Frank Maes
  18. Moot Court: International Commercial Arbitration (12 Credits) 
    Maud Piers
  19. Moot court law of armed conflicts (6 Credits)
    Tom Ruys
  20. Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic (8 Credits)
    Eva Brems


Master Dissertation (15 Credits)


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