Legal Clinic: Human Rights and Migration Law

Elective Courses
Students work in a so-called "legal clinic" on real life projects, in small groups.
Projects can entail research, reports or advice to be delivered to an organisation active in the human rights field. They can also concern the preparation of a case file in relation to an alleged human rights violation that will be brought before a court.
The legal clinic prepares enrolled students for their future work in an increasingly diverse and competitive national and international professional environment. The legal clinic operates in a national and international inclusive participatory context, in which cooperation is of central importance. The legal clinic offers students with an interest in and (basic) knowledge on human rights a unique opportunity to gain professional experience in human rights practice.
All areas and levels of human rights law - universal, regional, European and Belgian/Flemish - could feature, as well as other branches of law such as civil law, criminal law, administrative law, and family law.
Key words: 
Human rights, cases, legal clinic