LLM in International and European Law

The LLM in International and European Law offers the broadest spectrum of options available for students with an international career or research orientation. It allows students to handpick courses from a wealth of topics of European (EU) or international relevance, enabling students to create educational programme tailored to their personal interests and career needs.

Ghent University Law School has a wide array of English language courses on a great variety of European and international law issues. This LLM programme provides students with an opportunity to design their own curricula in accordance with their career priorities. It enables them to gain expertise on many contemporary topical issues of European and international law.

For students seeking to broadly develop their skills and knowledge for a career with an international dimension, this programme offers the best possible personal preparation. While enabling students to focus on particular subjects of interest, it also fully accommodates the needs of those students who seek a general European and international law education. With its combination of academic and practical skills modules, the programme prepares students for the international professional life that is increasingly the reality of law professionals all over the world.



Hans De Wulf

HANS DE WULF is the Coordinating Director of the Ghent LLM Programmes and Academic Director of the LLM in International Business Law. He is a full-time professor at the Financial Law Institute of Ghent University (since 2003). He also holds an LLM degree in German civil law (Karl-Eberhards University of Tübingen, 1994). Mr. De Wulf teaches various courses on corporate law, including two courses in English on European Company law and Corporate Governance and on Mergers & Acquisitions. His research is mainly focused on corporate law, but he is also well versed in capital markets regulation (including enforcement with a special focus on securities class actions) and international insolvency, on which he has also published. He is a member of EMCA, a network of professors from almost all the EU member states that has prepared a Model Companies Act for Europe and is a member of the 4-person expert  committee that drafted a completely new 2018 Belgian Companies and Associations Act at the request of the Department of Justice. He is a part of the committee of editors-in-chief of the Revue de droit commercial belge, the leading commercial law review in Belgium, and has been a visiting professor at the law schools of Vanderbilt University (USA), Bond University (Australia) and Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) as well as a regular teacher at Bratislava’s ELSA summer school on European corporate law.



General Courses (7 Credits)

  1. Seminar: Foreign Chair (3 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf
  2. Skills For Lawyers and LLM Lecture Series (4 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf / Emma Wood / Dirk VandermeerschDirk De Meulemeester


Elective Courses (38 Credits)

Students may subscribe to 38 credit units from not less than 1 and not more than 2 modules from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

Introductory Course

Students may subscribe to not more than 3 credit units from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

  1. European Law: The Basics (3 Credits)
    Erwoan Lannon


Core Elective Courses

Students may subscribe to not less than 35 and not more than 38 credit units from the following list. Subject to approval by the faculty.

  1. International and European Environmental Law (6 Credits)
    An Cliquet
  2. Advanced Human Rights (6 Credits) - Course will not be given in AY 2019-2020
    Eva Brems
  3. European Criminal Policy (6 Credits)
    Gert Vermeulen
  4. Advanced EU Competition Law (6 Credits)
    Stanislas Adam
  5. Advanced EU External Relations Law (6 Credits)
    Inge Govaere
  6. Advanced EU Institutional Law (6 Credits)
    Erwoan Lannon
  7. Advanced EU Internal Market Law (6 Credits)
    Inge Govaere
  8. The Autonomous EU Legal Order (6 Credits)
    Peter Van Elsuwege
  9. Air and Space Law (4 Credits)
    Frank Maes
  10. Contemporary Issues in EU Law (3 Credits) - Course will not be given in AY 2019-2020
    Inge Govaere
  11. Contemporary Issues in European and Comparative Law (3 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf
  12. Contemporary Issues of IP Law (3 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf / Eric De Gryse
  13. Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in International Law (4 Credits)
    Tom Ruys
  14. EU Enlargement and Proximity Relations (4 Credits)
    Erwoan Lannon
  15. EU External Relations: Selected Topics (4 Credits)
    Erwoan Lannon
  16. EU Justice and Home Affairs (4 Credits) - Course will not be given in AY 2019-2020
    Gert Vermeulen
  17. European Banking and Capital Market Law (4 Credits)
    Michel Tison
  18. European and Comparative Company Law and Corporate Governance (4 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf
  19. Constitutional Aspects of EU Integration (4 Credits)
    Erwoan Lannon
  20. Comparative Contract Law (4 Credits)
    Ignace Claeys
  21. European Labour and Employment Law (4 Credits)
    Filip Van Overmeiren
  22. European Media Law (4 Credits)
    Eva Lievens
  23. EU Social Law and International Employment (4 Credits)
    Yves Jorens
  24. EU Trade Policy (4 Credits)
    Jacques Bourgeois
  25. International Commercial Arbitration (4 Credits)
    Maud Piers
  26. International Business Transactions (4 Credits)
    Johan Erauw
  27. International Economic Law (4 Credits)
    Diederik Bruloot
  28. International and European Biodiversity Law (4 Credits)
    An Cliquet
  29. Law of the Sea (4 Credits)
    Frank Maes
  30. Laws of Armed Conflict (4 Credits)
    Tom Ruys
  31. Maritime Transport Law (4 Credits)
    Kristiaan Bernauw
  32. Selected Issues: Organised Crime (4 Credits)
    Jelle Janssens
  33. Mergers and Acquisitions (4 Credits)
    Hans De Wulf
  34. Transport Insurance Law (4 Credits)
    Kristiaan Bernauw
  35. Transport Law (4 Credits)
    Kristiaan Bernauw
  36. European Private Law (ius commune) (4 Credits)
    Maud Piers
  37. European Law and ICT (4 Credits)
    Eva Lievens
  38. Advanced European and international asylum and migration law and policy (6 Credits)
    Ellen Desmet
  39. Legal Clinic: Human Rights (4 Credits)
    Eva Brems
  40. Moot Court: International Commercial Arbitration (12 Credits) - Course will not be given in AY 2019-2020
    Maud Piers
  41. Moot Court: European Law (12 Credits)
    Inge Govaere
  42. Moot Court: Public International Law (12 Credits)
    Frank Maes
  43. Dare to Venture (4 Credits)
    Johan Verrue
  44. Dare to Start (3 Credits)
    Frank Gielen


Master Dissertation (15 Credits)


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