Maritime Transport Law


The course discusses the various aspects of private maritime law against the background of international trade, viz. the contracts to convey persons and goods by sea.


First the legal regimes of the maritime carriage of cargo are analysed:

(i) the contracts of affreightment (or charter contracts): voyage charter, time charter, demise charter etc.

(ii) the contract of carriage under bill of lading (B/L).

Then also the legal regime of passenger transportation is explained.

Thereby the emphasis is on the liability of the transport operator.

The following items will studied next:

(i) the legal position of the various persons involved in the maritime transport operation;

(ii) the different maritime transport documents and standard clauses.

Finally the legal regimes of multimodal transport and general average and the principles of marine insurance are addressed.



Key words: 
Maritime transport, charter party, bill of lading, contract of affreightment.
Faculty members: