Skills For Lawyers and LLM Lecture Series

General Courses

The main objective of this course is to develop the legal skills of students, including oral and communication skills in English, legal English proficiency, research and writing skills, lawyering, elements of negotiation and advocacy, and commercial contract drafting. Additionally, the course seeks to familiarize students with contemporary policy and societal developments framing the development of EU law in general, through the guest lectures series.

The course is taught by several guest speakers, under the coordination of professor Hans De Wulf. Attendance of the guest lecture series is mandatory!


The course seeks to inform, guide, and involve the students in different legal skills with particular relevance for EU and international law students.


The course is divided into several topics, including:

1. Oral Communication Skills / Presentation Skills (including pronunciation).

2. Interviewing and Advising skills (including note-taking and listening skills).

3. Practical Legal Research Skills, particularly in the sphere of EU law.

4. The lawyer and the international law firm.

5. Legal Writing and Drafting Skills (including citation skills and plagiarism), including a practical one-day commercial contract drafting seminar.

6. Negotiation and advocacy skills.

Key words: 
Legal English, EU/EC law, Comparative law, International law, Legal Research, Advocacy, Presentation, Negotiation