Prof. Dr. Frank Maes

Faculty of Law and Criminology
Department of European, Public and International Law
Expertise: international environmental law, climate change, law of the sea, protection of oceans and seas, maritime spatial planning and diplomatic law

Prof. dr. Frank Maes studied Diplomatic Sciences (Ghent University, 1984), Shipping Law (UFSIA, 1986) and obtained a Ph.D. in Law (Ghent University, 1996). He is Professor of Public International Law in the Faculty of Law at Ghent University and has been guest lecturer at several foreign universities.

He is Head of the Department of European, Public and International Law, Director of the Maritime Institute, promoter of PhD’s and research projects, author of more than 250 academic publications and research reports”  (see publications).

He was member of the International Law Association’s Committee on Water Resources Law, the Committee on Space Law and alternate member of the Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development.  He is former president of the United Nations Association (Flanders) and member of the management board of the Centre for Sustainable Development (Ghent University), member of the working group “International relations” of the Federal Council for Sustainable Development, member of the Royal Belgian Marine Academy. He is member of the Specialized Panels Established Pursuant to the Permanent Court of Arbitration Optional Rules for Arbitration of Disputes Relating to Natural Resources and/or the Environment.

He teaches Law of the Sea, Environmental Legislation, Diplomatic Law and Multilateral Negotiations, Protection of Oceans and Seas and is the responsible teacher for the UGent Jessup Moot Court Competition team. He is co-teacher for the course Air and Space Law.