Kristiaan Bernauw

Prof. dr. Kristiaan Bernauw

Kristiaan Bernauw is professor of Transport Law (all modes), Insurance and Transport Insurance Law at the Faculty of Law of Ghent University. He graduated from Ghent University Law School in 1981, holds a Master of Laws degree from the McGill University Institute of Air and Space Law (Montreal, 1986) and obtained a PhD in law at Ghent University in 1996. Professor Bernauw holds a commercial pilot’s license, is reserve-officer (rank colonel) serving in the Transport Wing of the Belgian Air Force and fulfilled missions as consultant/expert in transport facilitation for international organizations since 1989.

Professor Bernauw is director of the Insurance and Transport Law Institute (ITLI), a research entity of the Ghent University Law School. ITLI conducts research in the area of transport and insurance law and their combination, viz. transport insurance. Its expertise covers all transport/traffic modes (air, sea, road, rail, inland navigation, space, multimodal) in both their private and public law dimensions.  Besides self-initiated fundamental research in the context of academic education, ITLI also offers policy support to national and international governmental authorities (regulators, lawmakers, etc.) and consultancy services to the industries. Topical fields of its activity include : multimodal transport, marine insurance, transport facilitation, space insurance. Presently it focuses on the legal status, regime and insurance of remote controlled and autonomous craft.