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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Ghent Institute for Legal History!

Our Institute is part of the department of Legal theory and Legal History of the Ghent Law Faculty. The members of the Institute teach both legal history and legal theory (as well as several general introductions to Belgian law). Topics of research of the Institute range from medieval feudal law, over early modern reception of ius commune and international law to developments of the Belgian legal system in the 19th and 20th centuries. Have a look at the academic bibliography of each of our members.

Very regularly, the Institute organizes legal history conferences, and it invites both young and well established scholars to the ‘causerie├źn’ (‘round table legal history talks’). The Ghent University Sarton Committee delivers the Sarton Medal to renowned historians of the legal science, on the proposal of the Institute.

All activities of the Institute are announced in the monthly electronic periodical ‘Rechtshistorische Courant’.

Always welcome!

Georges Martyn
Director of the Institute for Legal History