Prof. Dr. An Cliquet

Faculty of Law and Criminology
Department of European, Public and International Law
Expertise: Expertise: international and European environmental and biodiversity law; ecological restoration law

Prof. dr. An Cliquet is a professor of international environmental and biodiversity law at Ghent University (since 2004). She has a Master in Law and an Advanced Master in Port and Maritime Sciences (Ghent University). In 2001 she became Doctor in Law on the subject of “Nature conservation in the marine and coastal environment, with specific reference to the Belgian marine and coastal environment”.

The research of An Cliquet is situated in the field of international, European and national biodiversity law, encompassing both marine and terrestrial biodiversity law. She is involved in research or supervising PhD research on themes such as ecological restoration; climate change and nature conservation; ecological refugees; gender and biodiversity; a rights-based approach to conservation; the protection of the Congo basin; wildlife trade, the legal protection of urban biodiversity; the protection and restoration of transboundary watercourses under biodiversity law; restoration of peatlands; strategic biodiversity litigation.

An Cliquet has been involved in several commissions or working groups on nature policy and law. She is the head of the faculty environmental commission, member of the UGent sustainability commission and member of the working group on the UGent biodiversity plan. She is a member of the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF) and member of the IUCN World Commission on environmental law. She is the coordinator of the Legal Working Group of the Society for Ecological Restoration Europe (SERE).

An Cliquet currently teaches courses on international and European environmental and biodiversity law, law and ethics on marine nature conservation, international law and sustainable development and public international law.