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Crash course and lecture by Andrea Bianchi


On 28 May 2021, Andrea Bianchi will give a public lecture (from 09.00-10.30) as part of the 2020-21 International Order & Justice Lecture Series at Ghent University (Volume III). The title of the lecture is 'Knowledge Production in International Law'. A day earlier, so on 27 May 2021, Prof. Bianchi will also give a crash course on international legal theories to (post-)doctoral researchers.

Andrea Bianchi is a Full Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva since 2002. His publications address topics that range from international legal theory and treaty interpretation, human rights and international humanitarian law, terrorism and counterterrorism, to the law of jurisdiction and jurisdictional immunities, state responsibility, non-state actors, and the law of treaties. Prof. Bianchi has been a Visiting Professor at King’s College London, the University of Vienna Faculty of Law, the Catholic University in Milan and the University of Paris 1 (La Sorbonne). He has consulted for international organizations on matters related to security and human rights; and for multinational corporations on business and human rights issues.  In 2015 he appeared as counsel before the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber in the Al-Dulimi case. Between 2010 and 2014 he served as a designated member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Terrorism. He co-chaired (with Michael Wood) the working group on the use of force that led to the Leiden Policy Recommendations on Counterterrorism and International Law (2010). In 2001 he was among the founders of the European Society of International Law in which Executive Council he sat until 2010.

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