Prof. Dr. Wendy De Bondt

Faculty of Law and Criminology

Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law

Expertise: International law, european law and development law, Criminal and procedural law, Punishment and criminal justice

Prof. dr. Wendy De Bondt is a professor of criminal law at Ghent University (since 2015). She obtained both a Master’s in Law (2006) and Criminology (2007) at the Free University of Brussels, before joining the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy at Ghent University. In 2012 she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Need for and feasibility of an EU offence policy: accepting diversities, appreciating commonalities, aligning policies” after which she assumed a post-doc position as faculty-funded doctor-assistant.

Wendy De Bondt’s research covers a variety of fields with the domain of European Criminal Law, including aspects of substantive as well as procedural criminal law, aspects of national as well as European and international criminal law. She had worked on over a dozen EU-funded research projects in that area, including studies on the international admissibility of evidence in criminal matters, the future of international cooperation in criminal matters, the liability of legal persons for offences, detention conditions and the transfer of prisoners within the EU. Recently, she has expanded her research scope to also encompass Rights of the Child, including not only the rights of the child in the context of a criminal procedure, but encompassing a more broad, national, European and international spectrum.

She (co-)teaches the general courses on European and International Institutions and Organisations and national substantive criminal law to the criminology students, as well as advanced and specialist courses on substantive criminal law, criminal policy, justice and home affairs and children’s rights, all open to both criminology and law students or students in political sciences. Furthermore, Wendy De Bondt actively supports courses taught by other colleagues training students’ negotiation skills or preparing them for international moot courts.

Wendy De Bondt is a member of a.o. the scientific committee of the Association Internationale de Droit Pénal (AIDP) and the board of directors of the Belgian-Luxembourgish Criminal Law Association. She is the head of the sub-section “International and European Criminal Law and Human Rights” of Panopticon.