Paul David Mora

Faculty of Law and Criminology
Department of European, Public and International Law

Paul David Mora is researching a doctorate on the barriers in international law to transnational human rights litigation. He commenced his doctoral studies at Ghent University in Summer 2019 under the supervision of Professor Tom Ruys.

Paul has a research interest in public international law and human rights. He has published a number of articles in edited collections and academic journals, which include the Australian International Law Journal, the Canadian Yearbook of International Law, the German Yearbook of International Law, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, and the Netherlands International Law Review. His work on universal jurisdiction was cited by the European Court of Human Rights in Naït-Liman v. Switzerland [2018] ECHR 243 (Grand Chamber), and [2016] ECHR 574 (Chamber). In the field of private international law, Paul has undertaken research for the annual updates of Dicey, Morris & Collins on the Conflict of Laws since 2009.

Paul currently works full time for an investment management company in London. He is a former academic who has held various research and teaching positions at King’s College London (2017), The National University of Singapore (2013-2015), BPP University (2011-2013), The University of Birmingham (2008-2010), and The University of Durham (2005-2007). He holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master of Jurisprudence in Public International Law from University College, The University of Durham.

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