Short bio

Member of the police since 1976. First as officer of the Belgian Gendarmerie, afterwards (since 2000) as director “fight against property crime”. Actually,  head of cabinet of the director general of the Belgian judicial police and teaching assistant at the IRCP (since 2018). He holds a master in criminology, in law and in business management.

Work details

  • EMAIL:
  • TELEPHONE: +32 474 22 29 21
  • TELEPHONE SECRETARIAT: +32 9 264 69 30
  • ADRESS: Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent, Belgium

Selected societal impact activities

Selected media

Selected events


  • Cooperation between police services and private security companies
  • Integral and integrated approach of criminal phenomena
  • Judicial knowledge of the Belgian police system

Selected projects

Selected publications

  • De wet op het politieambt. Handboek van de politiefunctie en de politieorganisatie – editie 21 . Politeia, Brussels.
  • Het verkrijgen van betrouwbare politiestatistieken – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Cahiers Politiestudies 41 – Maklu
  • Het outsourcen van politietaken naar de private veiligheid in een stroomversnelling? Cahiers Politiestudies Nr. 36 – Maklu
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