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My educational history consists of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology (Lessius Hogeschool), a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (UGent) and a master’s degree in Conflict- and Development studies (UGent). My professional experience as a clinical psychologist lies predominantly in (high secure) forensic psychiatric care, treatment of a diverse population of Mentally Ill Offenders (MIO). Concerning my academic work, I’ve been involved in the For-Care project, commissioned by the Federal Department of Public Health, as a researcher. My academic expertise extends to the fields of (lived experiences of) mentally ill offenders and forensic psychiatric care organization.

Work details

  • EMAIL:
  • TELEPHONE: +32 9 264 97 05
  • TELEPHONE SECRETARIAT: +32 9 264 69 30
  • ADRESS: Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent, Belgium

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  • Mentally ill offenders
  • Forensic psychiatric care organization

Selected projects

  • For-Care project 

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