Get involved

Student participation in GRILI conferences, lectures and research meetings

Students are warmly invited to participate in the public events organized by the Institute. An overview of these (past and upcoming) events can be found elsewhere on this website (see Events). In addition, highly-motivated students with a keen interest in international law may be allowed on an ad hoc basis to participate in closed seminars organized by the Institute or in the periodic research meetings of the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute. The latter meetings are organized approximately once every two months. During these meetings, one or more GRILI researchers will bring a short presentation on a recent or forthcoming publication, on new case-law or evolutions in state practice, or on other aspects of ongoing research. Students interested in participating in these research meetings or in other closed events should submit a request to this end with the GRILI contact persons.


The Institute exceptionally accepts hihgly motivated and outstanding students as 'student-assistants' for a limited period of time, to assist faculty members in their day-to-day activities. Assignments might include: updating course curricula, editorial work, preparation for conferences, etc. The position is remunerated according to University salary scales. Students that qualify for this program will be informed by the dean's office. In addition, master students that are interested in providing research assistance may signal their interest with relevant faculty members of the Institute. Depending on the available funds, they may temporarily be hired as paid job students or may instead act as voluntary collaborators under the supervision of faculty members of the Institute.


Students that wish to pursue postgraduate studies may opt for one of the manifold general or more specialized LLM programmes offered by academic institutions within or without Europe. Ghent law school itself organizes an exciting LLM programme with a wide range of specialized modules (students can opt for an LLM in International and European law, an LLM in International Business Law or an LLM in European Union law) and co-organizes an MSc-programme in Maritime Science. Ghent students that wish to obtain advice on pursuing an LLM abroad can reach out to GRILI faculty members with relevant expertise. Ghent alumni that pursue an LLM elsewhere are invited to signal this to the GRILI so that we can exchange information with future candidates.

PhD in International Law?

Do you have a strong interest in human rights law, international criminal law, international environmental law, or other international law themes, as well as a keen appetite for academic research? In that case, pursuing a doctoral degree may be just something for you. Information on the PhD program can be found here and here. In essence, interested candidates can be hired to work on a pre-determined research project, whereby the PhD supervisor has set the general scope of the project and obtained proper funding. Vacancies for such projects may be communicated where appropriate, together with other possible job openings for assistants on the GRILI homepage or can be found via the University's dedicated vacancies page. Alternatively, interested candidates can draft a PhD proposal of their own, contact a GRILI faculty member with relevant expertise to discuss the proposal and to act as supervisor, and apply for funding at their own initiative. For Belgian students, the main options concern the (highly competitive!) PhD scholarships for FWO aspiranten or for BOF researchers (check applicable submission deadlines!).

Visiting GRILI

Doctoral or post-doctoral researchers working with another institution that are interested in spending a research stay with the Institute are invited to signal their interest with a GRILI faculty member with relevant expertise. Each year, GRILI accepts a small number of visiting researchers. Preference will be given to strong/promising candidates whose research interests correspond to the research focus of the GRILI members. Visiting researchers will in principle be provided with desk space within the faculty building and will have full access to the library collection. A limited bench fee may apply.