Maritime science

The Master of Science in Maritime Science

The Maritime Institute is proud to incorporate its research findings in education.
We support the training of future maritime scientists by coordinating the Master of Science in Maritime Science.

Dating back to 1986, this advanced master is an inter-university programme in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and benefits from the economic expertise of Prof. Theo Notteboom, who holds the Chair North Sea Port. Its multidisciplinary approach, consisting of a general/technical pillar, an economic/logistic pillar and a legal pillar, makes it unique in the global academic landscape and attracts students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Beelden: © North Sea Port - Tom D-Haenens

Academy Havenbeheer

We also support lifelong learning by organizing workshops, conferences and symposia. In particular our annual post academic course series on port management (‘Havenbeheer’), first conceived in 1984 and now jointly organized with North Sea Port and Gandaius Academy, has a long-standing reputation.

Consisting of five thematic modules that serve to enhance knowledge and skills concerning a wide array of relevant topics, this Dutch-taught course series mainly attracts professionals who are already working in the port or maritime industry.