Ghent University offers a wide range of courses within the broader international law domain.

In addition to (Dutch) Bachelor courses on the 'Introduction to European and international law' (Ba. 1) (P. Van Elsuwege and T. Ruys), 'Human Rights Law' (Ba. 1)(Y. Haeck) and 'Public International Law' (Ba. 3 (as of 2016-17), there is a variety of master courses and LLM courses on offering.

These include inter alia the following ‘advanced courses’:

- International and European Environmental law (A. Cliquet)
- Human Rights Law (E. Brems)
- Human Rights in Developing Countries (Y. Haeck)
- International Criminal Law (G. Vermeulen)
- Public International Law (A. Cliquet)
- International Human Rights Moot Court (Y. Haeck)
- International Law Moot Court (F. Maes)
- Diplomatic Law and Multilateral Negotiations (F. Maes)

The international law moot court and the international human rights moot court enable highly motivated students to take part resp. in an international law moot court competition such as the Philip C. Jessup Competition or the Telders Competition, or in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition.

In addition, students taking part in the advanced course on diplomatic law and multilateral negotiations (F. Maes) are involved a series of simulated multilateral negotiations or take part in the annual Model United Nations (MUN) organized by the Flemish United Nations Association (VVN).

Other ‘specialized courses’ taught by GRILI members include:

- Law of Armed Conflict (T. Ruys)
- International Economic Law (D. Bruloot)
- International and European Biodiversity Law (A. Cliquet)
- International Law of the Sea (F. Maes)
- Migration Law (Y. Haeck & J. Verhellen)
- Peaceful Settlement of Disputes (T. Ruys)
- Air and Space Law (R. Oosterlinck, M. Wouters & F. Maes)

Since 2014, the University also organizes a Human Rights Law Clinic. The Clinic is embedded in the Ghent Human Rights Centre and is coordinated by E. Brems and Y. Haeck. Further information can be found here.

Finally, Ghent University offers a qualitative LLM Programme for graduate students. Students may choose between three formulas, i.e., the LLM in European and International Law, the LLM in International Business Law and the LLM in European Union law.