Emre Turkut

Post-doctoral researcher at Hertie School’s Centre for Fundamental Rights

Dr. Emre Turkut is a post-doctoral researcher at Hertie School’s Centre for Fundamental Rights. He also holds a re:constitution fellowship (2021-22). Emre received his PhD from Ghent University in December 2020. His research covers a variety of fields within the domain(s) of public international law, international human rights law and comparative constitutional law including states of emergency, derogations, emergency powers, counter-terrorism, international law in domestic courts, transnational judicial dialogue and judicial politics in authoritarian regimes. Emre previously taught at the Riga Graduate School of Law, held a Swedish Institute fellowship at Uppsala University (2018-19) and a DAAD fellowship at Hertie School (2019-20).

Full Bibliography: https://biblio.ugent.be/publication?text=emre+turkut

Homepage:  https://www.hertie-school.org/en/research/faculty-and-researchers/profil...

Contact: turkut@hertie-school.org