News & events 2020

Luca Ferro
Guest Lectures on Genetic Resources

On Monday 27 April there is a class on genetic resources, within the course ‘International and European Biodiversity Law’ by Prof. An Cliquet. There are 3 speakers:

  • Ays Sirakaya (Ghent University), on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources
  • Marc Heijde (VIB), on genetic modification
  • Piet van der Meer (Ghent University), on international regulation of genetic modified organisms

The guest lectures take place from 2:30 until 5:30 PM, in auditorium Pleitlokaal.

Luca Ferro
Under Pressure: Seminar on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and international law

GRILI, the Human Rights Centre and the European Middle East Project are hosting a seminar on international law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It will feature three distinguished speakers:

- Brigitte Herremans (HRC researcher) on 'Human rights under fire: Lawfare and the shrinking space for human rights defenders in Israel'

- Martin Konecny (European Middle East Project) on 'Trump's Middle East plan and the international order'

- Tom Ruys (GRILI) on 'Settling Palestine's status at the International Criminal Court'

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 25 March 2020, from 12.00-14.00 in the LLM Room. Participation is free, but registration required with Ms. Kristien Ballegeer!

Luca Ferro
Guest Lecture by Ms. Antonella Calle Aviles

On Monday 9 March, Ms. Antonella Calle Avilés will give a guest lecture on rights of nature in Ecuador. The lecture is organized by Catapa, an NGO working on the impact of mining on the environment and human rights.

The guest lecture is part of the course ‘International and European Biodiversity Law’ by Prof. An Cliquet. It takes place from 2:30 until 5:30 PM, in auditorium Pleitlokaal.

Luca Ferro
Lecture and Seminar by Dr Sarah Nouwen

On 3 March 2020, Dr. Sarah Nouwen will visit the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute for a public lecture and an interactive seminar with (post-)doctoral researchers.

First, Dr. Nouwen's lecture will be on What's Missing in the Proposed Convention on Crimes against Humanity? The Peaceful Settlement of Disputes. Appropriately, it takes place in the context of Prof. Ruys' eponymous course from 9.30 until 11 AM in the Pleading Room (Pleitlokaal), Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent.

Second, the seminar will discuss Best Research Practices, using as a starting point her award-winning article for the Leiden Journal of International Law - entitled "As you set out for Ithaka": Practical, Epistemological, Ethical and Existential Questions about Socio-legal Empirical Research in Conflict. The seminar will take place from 12 until 1.30 PM in the Liberty Meeting Room, Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent.

Attendance to both events is free of charge, yet prior registration is required with Ms. Kristien Ballegeer.

Dr. Nouwen is a Reader in Public International Law, a Fellow of Pembroke College and Co-Deputy Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at Cambridge University. She is also an Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law. Dr. Nouwen received a 2-in-1 LLB and LLM from Utrecht University, doing part of her degree at the University of the Western Cape and the University of Cape Town. She then obtained an MPhil in International Relations and a PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge, where she subsequently became a Junior Research Fellow. Prior to assuming her lectureship at Cambridge in 2012, Dr. Nouwen worked in international diplomacy: at the Dutch mission to the United Nations, at the Netherlands Embassy in Khartoum, and as a Senior Legal Advisor to the African Union High Level Implementation Panel in Sudan. She also served as a consultant for the UK Department of International Development in Darfur and worked with an NGO in Senegal on microfinance.

Luca Ferro

On Tuesday 18 February 2020, Ms. Mélanie De Groof will give a guest lecture on the role of fact-finding missions and commissions of inquiry. Ms. De Groof will draw in particular from her experience as the arms expert of the Panel of Experts on the Central African Republic established by the UN Security Council.

This event will take place from 9.30 until 11 AM in the Pleading room (Pleitlokaal), Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent. Attendance is free of charge, yet prior registration is required with Ms. Kristien Ballegeer.

Ms. De Groof holds a master’s degree in law (Antwerp University) and an LL.M. in European and International law (Maastricht University). From February 2013 to March 2015, she was a researcher at the Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP) in Brussels. Her research work focused on the normative framework governing arms transfers, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the threat or use of force in international relations. Prior to joining GRIP, Mélanie de Groof worked as a researcher at Maastricht University (2005-2010), Human Rights Watch (2011) and Handicap International (2011). She conducted several field missions in Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Haiti, Colombia, Kenya and the Central African Republic.