Jasmine Coppens

Dr. Jasmine Coppens

Jasmine Coppens completed both her Master in Law (2006) and her Master after Master in Maritime Science (2007) at Ghent University.

From September 2007, she has worked as an academic assistant at the Department of Public international law. She was responsible for the educational support of Prof. dr. E. Somers' courses and the organizational support of the Master after Master in Maritime Science (Ghent University-University of Antwerp), the Port Management Training and the annual Maritime Conference.

On 30/05/2013, she has obtained her PhD on "Migrants at Sea: A Legal Analysis of a Maritime Safety and Security Problem" under the supervision of Prof. dr. Eduard Somers.

From 2014 until August 2016, Dr. Coppens was working as a legal adviser at the UGent Board of Management.

Since September 2016, she is associate at legal firm Deloitte in Brussels.