Marijn Rabaut

Dr. Marijn Rabaut

Dr. Marijn Rabaut links maritime science and maritime policy. Trained as a marine scientist and experienced as high level marine policy advisor/negotiator, he contributes to several projects with a science-policy nexus. Marijn was the driving force behind the legally binding Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) in Belgium (royal decree of 2014), he has been involved in fisheries related research and policy, in marine protected areas, aquaculture, in offshore wind energy, blue growth, shipping, sustainable development etc.

He has been working as a researcher for the Maritime Institute within the Search-project, in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Frank Maes. He studied the link between MSP and UCH and explored the interaction and legal options of wrecks and their nature conservation value.

Marijn has over 90 publications (as author and co-author) and contributed to plenty Laws and Royal Decrees. He is an excellent communicator and is experienced in presenting both science and policy related topics (in national and international contexts). Dr. Rabaut speaks English, French and Dutch fluently and speaks Spanish considerably.

Marijn is currently active as independent expert in marine and renewables.