Zacharoula Kyriazi

Dr. Zacharoula Kyriazi

Zacharoula Kyriazi is a Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Governance Scientist. She holds a PhD in Marine Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences of Gent University (with joint support by the Marine Biology Research Group and the Maritime Institute) and a MSc in Nature Conservation Management from the University of Ioannina, Greece. Her Research interests include: effectiveness assessment of (sub)regional Blue Growth agreements; observation and assessment of interactions and power dynamics, between various marine uses at the spatial and the decision making level with special focus on nature conservation, offshore renewable energy and fishing; observation and study of existing methodologies for the identification, prevention and resolution of marine conflicts; development and application of processes based on cooperative game theoretic solution concepts that ensure fair and equitable marine conflict resolution; development and application of spatial decision making processes based on GIS and Multi-Criteria Evaluation in order to achieve multi objective optimized designation of MPAs and to support MSP decision making processes. She has more than 10 years of working experience in Academia, NGOs and the Private sector. She has coordinated and participated in research projects and campaigns funded by the EU, the Belgian and the Greek Governments and the private sector (e.g. MOSES, MUSES, AMARE, MESMA, MASPNOSE, C-SCOPE, LRET, IPY partnership, MEDDOC/AEMMED, Integrated Coastal Management and Protection, International Coastal CleanUp campaigns in collaboration with Ocean Conservancy and Clean up the MED campaigns). She is member of various EU based marine spatial planning, ocean governance and marine conservation related networks (OceanGov, ESG Ocean Governance Taskforce, MSPRN, MarCons, ConBio). Her research achievements include, publications in international peer reviewed scientific journals; presentations in conferences and workshops; peer reviewing for scientific journals; compilation, editing and production of educational, dissemination and communication materials, leaflets and newsletters to support several research projects and environmental awareness campaigns and organization of meetings and workshops for educational and scientific purposes.